About Hakko

What does Hakkō mean?

Hakkō means fermentation in Japanese. We have decided to name the company Hakko without the letter "ō" as nobody can figure out how to write this letter on a computer.

What does Hakko do?

At Hakko, the goal is to reduce food waste through fermentation. We use fermentation to make new tasty food products with a long shelf life and good nutritional properties based on different fruits, vegetables, plants, and other waste streams.

How did Hakko come about?

Hakko was established in 2020 on the basis of research and experiments in microbiology at the Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen. During his studies, Hakko's Co-Founder, Philip Bindesbøll, discovered that nature hold an untapped potential for efficient and environmentally friendly reduction of food waste. On this basis, Philip decided to found the company Resauce which later changed name to what it is today, namely Hakko.

In the Summer of 2021, Philip got in touch with his old high school class mate, Sebastian, who coincidentally had to write an assignment at Copenhagen Business School about a sustainable startup. With a common passion for food, innovation, and sustainability, the talks between Philip and Sebastian continued long after Sebastian's hand-in of the assignment. The conversations resulted in Sebastian entering as a Co-Founder of Resauce and together they decided to change the name of the company to Hakko.

Hakko's values

At Hakko, we think that perfection lies in imperfect. We do our best every single day, but we accept mistakes as long as we learn from them. This is why we also accept ugly and imperfect produce, as we believe it deserves a second chance. 

The team behind Hakko

Hakko consists of the two Co-Founders, Philip Bindesbøll and Sebastian Møller, who are on a mission to reduce food waste through fermentation. Both have a great passion for food, innovation and sustainability.